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EBD210 Why NOW Is the Best Time to Prioritize a Partnership with Your Dog

EBD210 Why NOW Is the Best Time to Prioritize a Partnership with Your Dog

As a dog mom, you probably have a clear picture of the life you want to create with your dog. And that’s amazing because the trick to creating your ideal life is visualizing it first.

It only becomes an issue when we get stuck in that visualizing stage and neglect to start living that wonderful life in the here and now. That’s why in this episode, Kathy addresses some of the common myths and limiting beliefs that hold most dog moms back from creating the life they envision for themselves and their dogs.

She discusses the importance of honesty when relating with your dog and emphasizes the benefits of creating time to learn more ways to wholly connect with your dog.

In this episode:

  • How obedience-based beliefs hold us back from a brilliant partnership
  • Why it’s important to build new habits of forming connections with our dogs
  • Kathy debunks three common myths about living cooperatively with our dogs


“Most of us don’t want to learn how to become an expert dog trainer. What we really want is to live effectively, cooperatively, peacefully, and enjoyably with the dogs that we love.”

“Once our dog moms start focusing on digging under the surface for root causes and meeting their dog’s true needs as well as their own, things really start to turn around.”

“Following the roadmap to brilliant partnership gives you confidence that you are indeed traveling in the direction of your dream life with your dog.”

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