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EBD230 How To Naturally Connect with Your Dog and Why That Trumps Training

EBD230 How To Naturally Connect with Your Dog and Why That Trumps Training

How do we become more deeply connected with our dogs? As Kathy explains, it’s when we step into our place as trustworthy role models and loving leaders.

When we are able to do that, we and our dogs are safe, calm and happy – we are in the green zone – which is what we all want from our life with our dogs!

As Kathy emphasizes in this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, we need to move away from the desensitized, counter conditioning mindset of dog training that is so our culture and focus on the human dog connection that inspires us to create legendary, enlightened partnerships.

In this episode:

  • What it means to grow and leak trust
  • How we are biologically wired for connection
  • Why it’s important to recognize when you start to move out of the green zone


“We’ve got to get out of this dog training, counter conditioning mindset that is pervasive in our culture.”

“What greater joy is there than walking with your dog, enjoying nature. Watching your dog sniff and roll and see the light in their eyes and their tongues lolling out!”

“We’ve got the capacity, the capability and the responsibility to keep us and our dogs in the green zone.”

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