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EBD232 The What, Why and How of Connection and Cooperation with Your Dog

EBD232 The What, Why and How of Connection and Cooperation with Your Dog

Kathy has connected and cooperated with so many dogs over the years. It’s something that dog parents long for.

We all want our dogs to feel safe, calm and happy. We want them to know that we have their backs. But how do you build that true connection and natural cooperation with your dogs?

In this Enlightened by Dogs episode, Kathy explores the what, why and how of cooperation and connection. She explains how to nurture relationships through invitation and how it can enhance your relationships with your dogs.

In this episode:

  • Building a heart connection with your dog
  • How to open the pathway to connection
  • Giving your dog agency to accept or reject invitation


“Extending an invitation to our dog fulfils that deep social need to belong and to bond and to be a part of a family group.”

“When we extend an invitation to another, the intention is that it’s an act of sharing love.”

“Our dogs see us as loving leaders that will keep them safe, calm and happy and will have their backs.”

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2 Responses

  1. This podcast landed in my inbox on the day I was struggling to find out what was missing between Jesse (my 8yr old goldendoodle partner) and I. We could not get our heeling in a figure 8 pattern together and I knew there was something missing.
    After listening to you speak about the deeper connection and especially the ‘calm’ our dogs want, I knew what was lacking. When we practiced again and I intentionally calmed myself and focussed on Jesse and what we were doing everything went like a breeze. We were connected, I felt the bond I have felt before when we would just sit and enjoy each others company.
    It sounds silly maybe but this connection Is what Jesse is looking for , and what I find so hard to obtain sometimes. I just need to calm my inner self so she can get through. Thank you for giving clarity yet again on our road to connection.

  2. I feel a true deep sense of CALM come over me, and my two dogs, when we put on one of Kathy’s podcasts. – you have such a gift of Grace. Thank you xoxo karen c

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