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EBD259: From Bark to Heart: Understanding Your Dog Through Dialogue

Deepen your connection with your dog by understanding the art of communication.

In this enlightening episode of “Enlightened by Dogs,” host Kathy Kawalec explores the importance of communication as the foundation for building a successful, heart-centered relationship with your dog. Kathy delves into the various aspects of communication, including the exchange of information, ideas, and feelings between you and your dog.

Throughout the episode, Kathy emphasizes the importance of a dialogue loop, a two-way exchange between you and your dog that fosters understanding and cooperation. 

She shares insights on how humans often inadvertently teach their dogs to ignore them by focusing on training instead of cooperation, or by being distracted and incongruent. To build a strong partnership, Kathy encourages dog moms to be fully aware and consciously communicate with their dogs during every interaction.

Kathy also discusses the significance of nonverbal communication and the power of intention in enhancing the partnership with your dog. By understanding the intention behind your dog’s choices and behaviors, you can develop a deeper bond and establish trust.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communication is essential for building a successful relationship with your dog and involves a dialogue loop that goes beyond just information exchange.
  • Be conscious of the impact of nonverbal communication and how it affects the bond with your dog.
  • Recognize and respect the intentions behind your dog’s behaviors to foster a deeper understanding and connection.
  • Assess your dog’s situation before expecting a response, just as you would for yourself.
  • Partnership with your dog develops through small moments of communication, intention, and understanding.

Memorable Quotes:

“One little moment at a time, one little decision at a time, one little communication at a time. That is how a partnership develops.” – Kathy Kawalec

“Our reactive, distracted, unruly dogs are not giving us a hard time. They’re having a hard time.” – Kathy Kawalec

“In the quiet moments of understanding and connection, we find a love that speaks louder than words – the language of our hearts.” 🐶❤️


Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

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