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EBD286 Stories of Hope: Dog Moms Overcome Reactive and Difficult Behavior Challenges

Today, we are replaying a compilation of inspiring tales from dog moms who faced various challenges with their reactive dogs and then completely turned things around.

From dogs barking incessantly at fences, reacting aggressively on leashes, fearing strangers, or simply refusing to move on sidewalks due to panic, these stories shine a light on hope. No matter the existing relationship with your dog – even if it’s already good – there’s so much more!

These dog moms embraced the partnership principles, and with a change in mindset that led to a trust-based approach, they transformed their relationships and their lives with their dogs. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Importance of Partnership: Many dog moms who faced challenges with their dogs achieved transformation by adopting the ‘partnership approach’. This approach focuses on mutual understanding, trust, and cooperation rather than traditional training methods.
  1. Mental Shift Over Training: A recurring theme is the transition from trying to “fix” the dogs through intensive training sessions to changing one’s mindset. By understanding and connecting with their dogs on a deeper level, many dog moms found that their dog’s behavior transformed, without intensive training.
  1. Challenges Vary: Dogs can exhibit a range of unwanted behaviors, from aggression to fearfulness. Each story emphasizes that regardless of the nature of the challenge, there is hope for improvement and transformation through a trusting partnership.
  1. Empathy and Understanding: In multiple stories, dog moms expressed a profound sense of empathy, both for their dogs and for other dog moms facing challenges. This sense of community and understanding underscores the shared experiences of dog moms.
  1. Continuous Journey: While many stories highlight significant improvements, they also suggest that the journey with their dogs is continuous. The emphasis is on mutual growth, understanding, and exploring the depth of the bond between humans and canines.

Listen to these live interview snippets and get inspired to nurture a partnership lifestyle with your own dogs. Their stories are a testament to the transformative power of a partnership-driven approach.

Featured Stories

1. BETTINA and Murphy:

Adopting Murphy, a deaf dog, posed numerous challenges for Bettina. Beyond his hearing impairment, Murphy was anxious and often acted out, leading to household disruptions. However, Bettina’s shift towards a ‘brilliant partnership’ approach transformed their lives.

“I stopped trying to fix Murphy… The neighbor who was upset about our barking dogs last year asked me why he hasn’t heard my dogs barking now. BPA has been a life-changer for us.”

2. ANYA and Zoe:

Zoe, a rescue, initially showed aggression towards other animals and would run away during walks. However, after participating in a partnership workshop, Anya discovered a new approach to their relationship.

“It feels like a mutual exploration of the love we share.”

3. MARIANNE with Clover and Bowie:

Formerly leash-reactive Clover and over-enthusiastic Bowie made walks a challenge. Now, Marianne cherishes the harmony they share during their outings.

“Our walk today was perfect… It was about understanding and learning from each other.”

4. SUE and Charlie:

Charlie, a rescue dog, was driven by fear and had a strong urge to chase, causing Sue physical injury. As a professional dog trainer, Sue realized the value of partnership over pure training.

“Moving from a transactional relationship to one based on heart-connection made all the difference… Partnership principles are now central to our lifestyle.”

5. MARY and Flicka:

Flicka’s overactive behavior was a cause for concern for Mary. Her dreams of agility and herding seemed distant. However, by adopting the partnership lifestyle, Mary and Flicka now enjoy a harmonious bond.


“We’re now deeply engaged in forming brilliant partnerships, cherishing every day.”


Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

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