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EBD288 Celebrating Our Dogs with Gratitude, Love and Awe

Today’s podcast is a beloved replay of Kathy’s special tribute to our faithful friends—our dogs. Dogs are embodiments of love, laughter, and connection. Yes, they can sometimes be the source of frustration, but the joy they sprinkle in our lives eclipses those fleeting moments of worry. And even when we face communication hurdles, the bond remains unshaken.

In the first segment of this podcast, Kathy shares an excerpt from Mary Oliver’s “Dog Songs.” The passage read is a testament to the untamed spirit that dogs carry, a spirit that echoes the wilderness from which we all emerged. Oliver’s words remind us that dogs are beings that connect us to the larger tapestry of life:

“The dog would remind us of the pleasures of the body with its graceful physicality and the acuity and rapture of the senses…”

Reflecting on Oliver’s sentiments, it’s clear that dogs are not just living in our world—they magnify its beauty. They invite us to savor the present, to relish life’s simple joys, and to embrace the world with open arms and an open heart.

Key takeaways include:

Recognizing the Joy Dogs Bring: Acknowledging the pure happiness and laughter our canine companions contribute to our lives.

Overcoming Communication Hurdles: Understanding that even when we face difficulties in communicating with our dogs, the bond we share is strong and resilient.

Embracing the Lessons Dogs Teach: Learning from the patience, forgiveness, and presence dogs demonstrate, which in turn can make us better human beings.


“What would this world be like without dogs?”

“Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift.”

“How could I learn to be more patient, if it wasn’t for your patience with me?”

“My dear dogs, you may not know this, but without you, my life would be greatly diminished…”


Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

Here are some next steps:

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