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EBD293 Empowerment and Empathy: Redefining Our Approach to Dog Parenting

In this heartfelt episode, we delve into the essence of being a dog mom, exploring the powerful bond between women and their dogs, highlighting the unique perspectives and experiences that shape this relationship. 

Kathy challenges conventional dog training philosophies, advocating for a partnership approach rooted in understanding, respect, and mutual growth. We delve into the concepts of power and leadership, contrasting traditional ‘Power Over’ methods with a more nurturing, ‘Power WITH’ approach, which aligns with the natural tendencies of women to create safe, empathetic environments for growth and connection.

Tune in for practical insights into dog parenting that also serve as a reminder of the profound impact our mindset and approach can have on a cooperative relationship with our dogs.

Key takeaways:

  • Empathy and Connection: The key to a strong relationship with our dogs lies in empathy and connection. By understanding their needs and emotions, we can nurture a deep bond that goes beyond dominance.
  • Mindful Partnership: Instead of asserting dominance, we should strive for a mindful partnership with our dogs. This means embracing our strengths and vulnerabilities, and learning from their teachings to grow together.
  • Embracing Authenticity: We are encouraged to embrace our authentic selves as dog moms. Making mistakes and having flaws are part of the journey towards empowerment, and our dogs can teach us valuable lessons about acceptance and self-love.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Effective dog training is not about controlling or suppressing our dogs, but rather about collaborating and communicating with them. By working together, we can create a sense of belonging and foster a relationship based on mutual understanding and support.
  • Thriving Together: The future holds endless possibilities for women and their dogs to understand and thrive together. By embracing our power and living in harmony with our furry companions, we can create a world where both women and dogs can learn from each other and grow.


Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

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