What is Your Dog’s Personality Profile Type?

One of the most common mistakes that dog moms make is fundamentally misunderstanding

Kathy Kawalec 8th March 2021
The Best Way to Help Your Reactive Dog

How can you truly help your reactive dog? I feel really passionate about

Kathy Kawalec 1st March 2021
8 Tips to Enhance Your Communication with Your Dog

What if I told you there was a way to bypass the language

Kathy Kawalec 22nd February 2021
Extending an Invitation: Why Your Expectations Matter

Both humans and dogs crave connection. We’ve got a deep social need to

Kathy Kawalec 15th February 2021
How Your Thoughts Can Sabotage Progress with Your Dog

Are your thoughts getting in the way of you living a safe, calm,

Kathy Kawalec 8th February 2021
What Do Different Dog Greetings Really Mean?

Have you ever wondered why your dog greets you the way they do?

Kathy Kawalec 1st February 2021
How Role Modeling for Your Dog Helps to Build a Brilliant Partnership

Living in partnership with our dogs comes with lots of highs and lows.

Kathy Kawalec 18th January 2021
How to Lead with Love & Empathy

Whenever a new year begins, we often look deeper into how we are

Kathy Kawalec 11th January 2021
How to Walk a Reactive Dog in Peace

  Is your dog so out of control and/or reactive that you’re afraid

Kathy Kawalec 4th January 2021
How to Deal with Leash Reactivity

Is your dog reactive on the leash? Maybe your dog hates being on

Kathy Kawalec 28th December 2020
How to Turn Struggles with Your Dog into Triumphs

  If you’re struggling with your dog, you’re not alone. We all have

Kathy Kawalec 21st December 2020
How You & Your Dog Can Become a Winning Team

Do you dream of creating a brilliant partnership with your dog? The type

Kathy Kawalec 14th December 2020
Blueprint Brilliant Partnership

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