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EBD188 Protecting Your Dog’s Social Confidence – Part 1

EBD188 Protecting Your Dog's Social Confidence - Part 1

Did you know that your puppy or young dog is at the most impressionable stage of their life?

They’re experiencing most things for the first time, which is thrilling! But it’s equally scary because unpleasant experiences can have a long-lasting impact on how they experience ordinary life events moving forward. So, we need to be intentionally mindful of our puppies and young dogs, until they’re confident and resilient enough to stand on their own paws.

In this first episode of a three-part series, Kathy highlights the importance of building your dog’s social confidence. She uses a variety of scenarios to explain what it means and when it’s necessary to be an advocate for your dog.

The series takes a closer look at ways you can stay connected with your dog, especially in awkward and somewhat unpleasant social situations.

In this episode:

  • What being an advocate for your dog looks like
  • How to address well-meaning yet unwanted opinions
  • How to support your dog when you feel the pressure to be social


“We need to be exceptionally mindful with our puppies and dogs until they’re solid and confident and mature adults.”

“Remember that behavior is communication, so look for opportunities to learn from difficult situations.”

“Sometimes an apology is warranted, so apologize briefly — but the idea is to stay connected with your dog and move on.”

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